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bayad'yu budyari dharuggu yiyura
yiyura ngurrabirang
bayad'yu budyari dharugg warangad baranyi, yagu, baribagu yiyuragu

I speak well of the Dharug people, 
The People belonging to Country
I speak well of the Old ones past, present and the future people

For more than 60,000 years Aboriginal generations have held deeply spiritual knowledges,
values  and skills as - Country.

IMG_1965 2.heic

This is my introduction page

My Dharug family are custodians,  Ngurrawa Marringong (or Muringong) meaning being in a Country with many waterholes connecting Georges and Nepean Rivers, in the southwest Sydney basin.

The following images present an intervention of early colonial graphic archives depicting Muringong Ngurra (Country). A "Map of the Cowpastures: Where the Wild Herds Were Found" (1795), was produced after Crown explorers and botanists found a cave painting of the lost cattle herds brought onto our Country with the the first English fleets. 


A map was made by a Crown appointed botanist George Caley.  In this creative intervention I reveal a formation of grasses and small trees marked as the letter E., thus named a "green dingle," a Dharug intervention finds a sign of our ancestral cultural practice now known as "cool burning." The practice is highly significant, used to care for country. For example, cultivating areas for growing and or seasonal herding of animals for food , material culture and more.  

Venessa Possum, intervention of a colonial archive 2020, Citation: "WHERE THE WILD HERDS WERE FOUND IN 1795" 

(1932, August 13), The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954).


Venessa Possum, goolamon dyarraba - giver of a fire stick, intervention of a colonial archive 2020.

Caleys's Map of the Cowpastures_Copyright_hronsw_nsw_003.jpg

Colonial Archives "Graphic"

George Caley "The Limits and Boundaries of the Vaccary Forest" c1804.

Murungong Burragal muru.jpg

Venessa Possum muru Murungong Burragal (baragula – flood tides) 2023. Ink and ochre on Arches paper; New South Wales. Water Resources Commission. (1982). Camden flood inundation map Nepean River Retrieved September 17, 2023, from

Venessa Possum, ngaliya - relational 2023
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