The following selection of images, documentary images and video incorporate individual and community collaborations.


For example, "COLLAPSE // SURVIVE" was made as a collaborative project as an artist in residence at the Sydney Festival 2020. As a broader schema "The Future is Floating" presented an inter-National group of First Peoples and settlers as artists from Australia, Canada and the Pacific Islands, responding to climate change impacts as a collective human race. My individual contribution titled badu murura speaks of pathways as water from Sydney harbour through burramatta, a salt water, brackish water and fresh water Songline.

A specific bush dye project was developed for a Dharug Cultural Camp in 2018. As a Dharug Custodian I encouraged dharug participants to engage in the production of  a site specific installation, Our finished cloth was laid out on the banks of burramatta to present a continuity of dharug culture. I have also included a few images to present my ongoing archival work in the form of photographs and video works to reveal my methodology of independent research to develop site works as art production.

previous examples of video art 

Crying cave – white noise 2015, single track video.


Campfire marks the roof of the cave,

Handprints fade.

Water wells continue to fill,

Bloodwood still.

Rainbow ochre catches the eye,

Cockatoo screeches and dies.

Overhanging shelter in its day,

White noise had its way.

Archi've 1805-2017 is a single track video documentation presenting a heuristic interpretation of a narrative in the "Sydney Gazette" titled "three Female Adventurers"